Thursday, 3 March 2016

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 Quick Books Add-On Services which can expand capability on your business.

  Seven Add-On which work with Quick books :

  1. Payroll
  1. Advanced Inventory
  1. Financing
  1. American Express Open
  1. Payments
  1. Point of sale
  1. Demand force


                 This Add-On lots people use around the world ,So that they can pay there employees and 
                  they can pay taxes. This services by Intuit one of its unique services which makes
                  Quick books a complete accounting software.

Payroll Features: 

                    You enter hours and it will do all calculation.
                     You can pay up to 50 employees checks and direct deposit
                     You can handle all the taxes electronically.

Quick Books Advanced Inventory:

                          This is very efficient way to manage inventory across your business
                          This comes integrated in Quick Books Enterprise Support
                           With the same user interface .
                           All your business information is located in one central place so that you can easily
                           manage your accounting data.


                          Track items to specific bins within a warehouse.
                           Scan bar-codes to enter data quickly
                           Easily set up FIFO inventory costing.
                           Manage items by serial or lot numbers
                           Get inventory value across multiple locations.
                           Transfer items between inventory sites.

                           That means it has got few more thing
                            Bin Location Tracking 
                            Bar-Code Scanning
                            Track serial numbers or lot numbers 

Quick Books Financing:

                            This service provide buy intuit Quick books.
                            This funding services but Intuit Quick books .
                             More than 6000 employers are using this service
                             And it doesn't impact your credit score.
                            Just few simple steps and you can get it.
                            Contact No is-1888-745-1540

American Express Open:

                             Demand force is complete marketing tool which could help you to grow your



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